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Homeowners are able to choose from a range of edgings that vary in size, colour and shape. We will assist you in choosing the right quality edging, that will improve and embellish the appearance and desirability of your property. 


The different types of edgings include:

  • concrete kerbs

  • wooden sleepers 

  • gravel board 

  • bricks

  • granite sets 

  • block pavers





Drainage is the removal of water on and beneath a surface, which can be either natural or artificial removal. 

Soakaway drainage is basically crates placed into the ground, with a breathable membrane wrapped around the crates along with gravel, to stop soil blocking up the soakaway. This allows water to travel through the earth, which meets the requirements of sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) standards. 

Soakaway drainage is a very efficient way of draining surface water and due to its minimal usage of materials, it has a low environmental impact.  

Soakaway (drainage) in Crowborough, East Sussex
Soakaway (drainage) in Crowborough, East Sussex

Acos are laid at the lowest point of a driveway or patio, to collect all the surface water which is then directed beneath the surface into a suitable SUDS system, such as a soakaway.

Aco (drainage) in Crowborough, East Sussex

A French Drain is a small trench that is filled with perforated pipe and gravel. The surface water is collected into the perforated pipe, which travels down into a soakaway or into the lower point of a field. 

French Drain excavation in Crowborough, East Sussex
French Drain being installed in Crowborough, East Sussex


Groundworks cover all aspects of preparing a project from excavating the area where the project is taking place, to concreting foundations and ensuring the fitting of all necessary drainage.

Driveway preparation for a tar and chip driveway in Crowborough, East Sussex
Driveway excavation in Crowborough, East Sussex


Revitalise your outdoor space with our comprehensive garden clearance services, encompassing efficient tree greenery removals for a refreshed and pristine landscape. 

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